I am a 30 year old native French teacher living in Paris. I really love teaching and discovering new cultures, and believe that teaching French is a great way to share my language and my culture with people from all around the world.

Learning French in Paris is a real opportunity because it gives you the chance to learn a language and discover an amazing city at the same time. You put your new skills into practice as soon as you leave the class.

My Background

I have already a strong experience of teaching French as a foreign language in many different institutions and countries. I have worked in France of course, but also in Vietnam, Indonesia and Uganda.

I am used to teaching students of different nationalities, and also of different ages. I taught adults but I have also a good knowledge of teaching kids and teenagers.

Furthermore I have the ability to adapt myself to different teaching requirements. I have given general French courses for all levels but also taught specific French, for example French Business, French Civilisation, Literature, and Communication.

For more detailed information on my qualifications and employment history, please visit my experience page.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching is intentionally based on everyday spoken language. Verbal communication is a priority: learning to listen and understand, to express yourself correctly and with good pronunciation.

I believe that learning French is not only learning a language, but also learning a culture. With its history and architectural heritage, Paris is a city that lives, moves and changes every day. That’s why I suggest that French classes should not only take place in a classroom, but also right “in the field”.

In addition to language courses I propose to organise cultural activities for my students, for example visiting the market, shops, famous places, museums and exhibitions. I hope this enables them to have a better understanding and appreciation of French culture.

My final objective is to raise students’ language level to an efficient standard of communication. This requires not only a perfect command of the language but also a profound understanding of the cultural context.

Please visit my classes page for more information on the teaching I can provide, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.